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Beginner’s Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving

Written by: Stephanie Lehman, Marketing Coordinator

I am a firm believer in holding off on all things Christmas until Thanksgiving has been celebrated to the fullest. I know, it’s not necessarily a popular opinion. In fact, at this point, I think I am the last of my friends to put up my Christmas decorations. But, it’s not that I dislike Christmas or want to make its celebratory season shorter. It’s that I absolutely love Thanksgiving.

* * *

This year my husband’s entire family will gather in my dining room. The nieces and nephews will be gathered around their own kids table, making Thanksgiving memories of their own. And hopefully, we’ll all be relishing in some delicious food.

There’s just one problem: I am a complete beginner at hosting Thanksgiving.

If that’s you, too, come along on this journey with me as I navigate making classic holiday dishes for the first time, preparing my house for numerous guests, and ultimately (hopefully) hosting a great Thanksgiving meal.


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