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Holiday Brunch Boards

What are your family’s special holiday meal traditions? Do you stay up late baking Christmas cookies together; or do you plan an elaborate three-course dinner that you enjoy with your entire extended family?

Every family has its treasured traditions…but perhaps there’s room for one more!

This year, consider preparing a Holiday Brunch Board—a sweet or savory assortment of snackable breakfast and lunch items, great for small and large families alike. Similar to a charcuterie board, brunch boards are essentially deconstructed meals that allow your guests to customize their plate to their liking. Everyone from your littlest snacker to your seasoned chef will have a fun time building their own custom brunch creations!

For our brunch boards, we created both a sweet and a savory option but you can feel free to mix and match flavor profiles to suit your preference. Our Sweet Brunch Board includes French toast with all the fixings (e.g., butter, syrup, fresh fruit, jams, etc.) and takes on a holiday cookie vibe. Our Savory Brunch Board includes glazed dinner rolls and toast, with a selection of various breakfast meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies, and other prepared foods.


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