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How to Plan a Friendsgiving Celebration

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Ah, Friendsgiving…By this point, you’ve most likely heard this term—quite simply the mashup of “friends” and “Thanksgiving.” While friends have been celebrating this holiday for decades, it seems the origin of this term and official holiday can be traced back to 2007/2008 when it made its debut on Twitter and Urban Dictionary, respectively.

Rising out of a time of recession, Friendsgiving may have become more popular when recent college grads were struggling to make ends meet, and thus, did not have enough cash to make it home for Thanksgiving. So, they threw their own.

Friendsgiving seems to have gained popularity quickly, as it is meant to be a more “fun” version of the holiday, potentially eliminating things you don’t particularly enjoy about the traditional family Thanksgiving.

With 20- and 30-somethings in planning control and in the spirit of “fun,” there really is no right or wrong way to host Friendsgiving. This blog will dive into the Friendsgiving traditions of one of our marketing team members and—who knows—it just might inspire you to have your own Friendsgiving this year.


Interested in planning your own Friendsgiving? Check out the full post at the link below to see party planning tips and tricks from Martin's Senior Marketing Campaign Manager, Katie!

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