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A Very Merry (Martin’s) Christmas

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Here we are, Martin’s fans…It’s officially December! How can that be?! While it seems like some weeks (and months) this year have dragged on forever, the holiday season always seems to go by in the blink of an eye. But this year, let’s make sure to slow down for just a moment to consider the things we’re thankful for, show love and support to those around us, and appreciate the true meaning of these winter holidays—especially at Christmastime.

Christmas will surely look very different than in years past. Some families may utilize the convenience of technology to connect with one another virtually from afar. Younger generations may find themselves attempting to recreate traditional family recipes by themselves. Perhaps some households will even build a brand new tradition they will cherish for years to come!

Whatever kind of Christmas you are planning this year, make it one to remember! Scroll down to find delicious meal ideas—from post-present-opening brunch, to late-night leftovers.


Very Merry Christmas Recipes {Preview}

Check out the full blog to learn how to prepare our Very Merry Christmas Recipes like the ones above!

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