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Countdown to Christmas Checklist

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Christmas is nearly here! If you’re not quite ready for your guests (or Santa) to arrive yet, don’t fret. Read down through our Christmas checklist of essential tips, reminders, and creative ideas. And remember: Christmas isn’t about presents; enjoy your time with friends and family, and celebrate!

Your Christmas Checklist {Preview}

  1. Decorate 

  2. Wrap Presents

  3. Stuff Stockings

  4. Listen to Christmas Music

  5. Go Caroling

  6. Watch Christmas Movies

  7. Plan the Perfect Christmas Dinner {hint: Martin’s Potato Rolls can help}

  8. Most Importantly… Remember the Reason for the Season


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Find the details on these Christmas Checklist items, along with great recipe ideas using Maritn's Famous Potato Rolls & Bread at the link below:


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