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Holiday Bread Pudding Recipes

‘Tis the season—for pies, desserts, and sweets galore! Baking is a traditional hobby for many families this time of year; cookies, gingerbread, pies, cakes…the list goes on. Perhaps it’s the fragrant aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg or freshly roasted nuts. Or maybe it’s the warmth emanating from the cozy kitchen or the fireplace hearth. Whatever the reason, the winter season always brings about the “warm and fuzzies” in our hearts and minds. And the taste of freshly baked desserts handcrafted with love and care doesn’t hurt either.

This holiday season, gather ‘round the kitchen for a fun baking session with friends and family as you craft some comforting bread pudding variations for your special celebration. These signature seasonal recipes include all your favorite flavors, so you can swap them in for the more time-consuming recipes like pies and cakes, without missing out on your favorite desserts.

Happy baking!

Recipe Preview:

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